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Debt complicates the lives of millions of Americans across the country, and right here in Mobile as well. The incessant harassment of debt collectors, the fear of losing your home or car, and the many other problems that debt causes can be overwhelming. Whether your financial issues arose from a medical complication, the loss of a job, a serious of financial missteps, or any other unforeseen accident, filing for bankruptcy may provide a solution. Contact the law firm of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC to speak with a Mobile bankruptcy attorney today.

You are Not Alone: Eight Out of 10 Americans are in Debt

A loud and unsympathetic portion of society often vilifies those in serious debt by making the issue about self-control, individualism, and the American way of being able to pick oneself up by the bootstraps. These people believe that everyone who has to declare bankruptcy put themselves in that position out of laziness, greed, or online shopping to excess. However, the truth could not be farther from that. While America is a prosperous country, it is also an expensive one, and the vast majority of the country’s wealth is located right at the top, which leaves working people with low paying jobs, huge medical expenses, unbelievably high tuition rates, and quickly rising rent costs. It is no wonder that eight out of 10 Americans are currently in debt, according to CNBC News. Declaring bankruptcy is often the only option that millions of Americans have left. And, not only is it one of the few options they have, but it can also be the most logical choice to make. Nearly 800,000 Americans filed for bankruptcy last year alone, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute.

Is Declaring Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Bankruptcy is never on anyone’s list of things that they want to do in life, but it is something that can actually bring a substantial amount of relief to a struggling family or individual. Financial stress takes a large toll on even the most resilient people. Bankruptcy can be a way of finally climbing out from under that stress and starting anew. However, we understand that bankruptcy is often the last resort, and careful consideration must be taken before taking action. The Mobile bankruptcy attorneys of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC can help you determine whether declaring bankruptcy is right for you.

We Provide Legal Assistance to Creditors in Seek of Payment

In addition to assisting those in debt, we also offer legal assistance to lenders. If you are owed by a delinquent borrower, the law offices of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC provide legal assistance to ensure that you are paid back and that your business does not suffer further because of another’s financial troubles. We offer restructuring and reorganization solutions for debtors and creditors both in and outside of court.

Contact a Mobile Bankruptcy Attorney Today

The law firm of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC is here to help you recover from whatever financial turmoil you are currently facing. Give a Mobile bankruptcy attorney a call today at 205-322-6060 and we can begin the work on your bankruptcy filing or, if you are a lender, recovering the finances