Mobile Real Estate Attorney

Successful real estate transactions and businesses rely on outside legal counsel to ensure that transactions are carried out successfully and that both the buyer and seller go home happy. Avoiding legal problems should be at the very top of the list of most buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, and Alabama law can be tricky. For example, Alabama law allows for real estate agents to give incentives, such as gifts or money, to entice buyers into entering a real estate deal, according to the Alabama Real Estate Commission. However, both Alabama and federal law prohibit agents from receiving kickbacks or unearned fees, as well as giving or receiving rebates. This is just one of the many confusing and potentially risky scenarios associated with real estate law. Contact the Mobile law offices of Cloud Willis & Ellis today to speak with a Mobile real estate attorney. 

Mobile Residential Real Estate

Buying a property is the biggest purchase that most Americans will ever make in their lives. The same goes for selling a property–it is the biggest, and often most stressful, exchange of finances in which they will ever partake. An attorney can help mitigate that stress, and whether you are buying or selling a house, condominium, or undeveloped piece of land, having the legal knowledge of an attorney at your side not only offers peace of mind, it can prevent serious mistakes and potential financial loss. To learn more about what a real estate attorney can offer, give the Mobile law offices of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC a call today.

Mobile Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be even more complex than residential real estate. Our attorneys can help you ensure that you are set for success by drafting legal documents, assisting in negotiations, and assure that all relevant Alabama laws are followed to the T.

Mobile Foreclosure, in Lieu of Deed, Loan Modifications, and More

If you are in danger of losing your home, there are many potential options to chose from. We may be able to help you in a short sale, loan modification, or mortgage modification, among other options. Additionally, you may be able to apply for protection under Alabama’s Homestead Exemption if the property in question is a single-family residence as well as your primary residence. While foreclosure is sometimes a last resort, it may be necessary, in which case, our attorneys are here to provide their services so that the process is as streamlined and economical for you as possible. Our attorneys provide these services for borrowers and lenders, and also assist landlords with our experienced eviction services.

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The Mobile real estate attorneys of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC provide experienced and trusted legal guidance to Mobile buyers, sellers, loan offices, banks, real estate agents, landlords, and other businesses in commercial and residential real estate. We comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act in all regards, and assist in foreclosures, short sales, evictions, loan negotiations, and much more. If you have a real estate need, our attorneys can help. Call our Mobile offices today at 205-322-6060 for immediate legal guidance.