Hoover Bankruptcy Attorney

One of the leading causes of stress in America is money. In fact, three in four adults report that they experience financial stress, as reported by CBS News. While the economy has bounced back since the 2008 housing market and financial crash, millions of Americans have been left struggling with low paying jobs and no way out. For many, bankruptcy is a viable option for starting over, and many feel the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders after filing for bankruptcy. Whether a business plan did not pan out or you have simply not been able to pay off credit cards used to cover bills, our experienced Hoover bankruptcy attorneys can help find a solution to your financial problems. Additionally, if you are a creditor seeking payment, we provide legal representation to ensure that you are paid what you are owed. The attorneys at Cloud Willis & Ellis offer legal assistance to creditors and debtors in the form of restructuring and reorganization, either in or out of court.

We Handle a Variety of Claims in Hoover

The type of loan that pertains to a debtor or creditor significantly impacts how we will approach representation. For example, some loans will not be absolved even if bankruptcy is filed, such as student loans. Medical bills, on the other hand, are the most common reason that Americans file for bankruptcy, as reported by CNBC News, and bankruptcy can absolve crippling debt in these cases. Our attorneys handle both secured and unsecured loans for both creditors and debtors, and work to reach the most beneficial option for our clients in all scenarios.

Representation of Creditors

If you provided a person, entity, or business with funds to be paid back at a later date, you are a creditor. You deserve to be paid what you are owed in your contract, and our attorneys can help make that happen.

Representation of Debtors

Whether you borrowed money for a car, home, business and are not capable of paying it back, or you suffered a physical injury that resulted in substantial medical bills, the attorneys of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC, can help you turn your life back around.

The Drastic Rise of Bankruptcy and How a Hoover Attorney Can Provide a Solution to Your Financial Troubles

Bankruptcy has been on the rise over the past few decades due to a variety of factors. The drastic rise in health care costs have ruined the finances of millions of families, even if they were fully insured. Similarly, the loss of a job can spell disaster because the average American has almost nothing to fall back on these days, due to a shift in wealth from the working class to the top one percent, which has been a major talking point of politicians for years without any results to speak of. Sadly, our credit card culture is a trap for millions as well. Regardless of how you were put in this financial situation, the experienced Hoover bankruptcy attorneys of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC can offer a solution. Call us today at 205-322-6060.