Cloud Willis & Ellis has long been serving local and national creditors in both commercial collections and retail collections. The income of every business, and thus the welfare of the entity itself, is contingent upon the prompt payment of the business’ receivables. When that payment stops, the creditor has enforceable rights to which it is entitled. At Cloud Willis & Ellis, our Birmingham Creditors’ Rights attorneys work hard to protect and exercise those rights for both secured and unsecured creditors.

The attorneys and staff of Cloud Willis & Ellis protect our clients’ rights with a strong but responsible approach to collections and creditors’ rights. Working within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, when applicable, our Firm assists our clients in every facet of the recovery process, including letters of demand and acceleration, service of process, pre-eviction and post-eviction collections, trial, domestication of foreign judgments, identification of assets and garnishment or execution. Because the outcome of what we do affects the financial health of our clients, prompt and ongoing communication is an integral part of our service. For this reason, our firm utilizes collection management systems to aggressively serve our clients’ needs.

We practice governmental, retail and commercial collections and have represented clients in all courts throughout the State of Alabama and Georgia. We have a team of experienced FDCPA-certified collectors to help maximize the recovery of delinquent debts, and we are licensed to collect for you in over forty states. We handle a variety of collection matters including:

  • Commercial collections
  • Retail collections, including purchased accounts
  • Governmental collections
  • Collections for professionals, including attorneys and law firms
  • Medical collections
  • Transportation claims
  • Insurance premium claims
  • Real estate collections (evictions, post eviction collections and foreclosures)
  • Bankruptcy claims
  • FDCPA defense
  • Probate claims
  • Judgment and judgment enforcement matters, including Sister-State Judgments and domestication of foreign judgments

Memberships include such prestigious organizations as of ACA, Commercial Collection Agencies of America, Alabama Lenders Association, NARCA, the Commercial Law League of America, and IACC.

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