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We practice on a broad spectrum of topics, addressing the needs of our clients in a variety of business matters and individual financial dilemmas. We also practice personal injury cases, including auto collisions, work and premises accidents, and wrongful death lawsuits.

Millions of families have had to file for bankruptcy, especially since the recession of 2008. In fact, the numbers are as high as 800,000 bankruptcy filings per year. According to Forbes, medical expenses are the foremost reason that people file for bankruptcy. And, the vast majority (78 percent, in fact) of those people had medical insurance, according to a Harvard study, which clearly proves that even the insured are at risk of amassing incredible debt when a serious illness or injury occurs. Quite often, the only way to deal with this debt is to file for bankruptcy, which is not always the first choice solution for most families. However, it can be the best option in many of our clients’ circumstances.

Business disputes are not uncommon. An agreement that was made years ago may be seen as outdated or frivolous by one party, but paramount to another. Similarly, as the visions of two or more partners reach a fork in the road, problems will inevitably arise. We handle all types of business litigation and corporate law disputes, ranging from breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property disputes, finance disputes, insurance disputes, and investments.

Collecting debt is no easy task, especially when the loan was unprotected (there was no collateral involved, such as a house). Creditors’ rights to lawfully collect debts are frequently put under attack, and we protect clients that are facing these problems. We represent commercial creditors, unsecured creditors, litigation trusts, bankruptcy trustees, medical collectors, insurance claims collectors, and more.

Evictions are never pretty, but they may become necessary if your tenant refuses to pay rent or abide by city ordinance laws or your own well-documented mandates. Our attorneys are here to help in these difficult matters.

Unfortunately, foreclosures are on the rise in Alabama. According to USA Today, Alabama has the eighth highest rate of foreclosure increases in the country, at 77.6 percent higher than in 2014. The attorneys at Cloud Willis & Ellis assist mortgage loan services, private lenders, and institutional lenders.

Personal injury civil lawsuits and settlement cases can make all the difference for a family as it struggles with the financial aspects of a serious injury. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases we handle are auto collisions, work and premises accidents, medical malpractice, consumer product injuries, dog bites, negligent security, and wrongful death suits.

Real estate transactions can be complex, which is why the help from one of our real estate attorneys can make for the perfect transaction experience. Our attorneys also have experience in acquisition, financing, sales or real property, and more.

No one likes to discuss or even think about it, but will and estate planning have to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Let our experienced attorneys handle this delicate issue so that your family’s future runs smoothly.

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