The Internet is bursting at the seams with advice about how to make your business idea look good, but even the splashiest marketing campaign and all the public relations in the world will not help you unless your goals and strategy are built on a firm foundation.  2021 is not the year to run an “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” party bus tour on Valentine’s Day, no matter how clever your social media posts are and how much money you spend on them.  This does not mean, though, that 2021 is not a year for entrepreneurship.  If you set realistic goals for your business and make wise decisions when implementing them, your small business can thrive, even in a dismal economy.  An Alabama small business lawyer can help you set your new business venture up for success.

Market Research

Just as business is not just about marketing, market research is also not exclusively about promoting your brand or its products.  Study your target market in as much detail as possible before your business begins to operate.  Don’t just look at brand identity-focused questions, such as whether your target audience sees itself as practical, virtuous, or some other intangible concept toward which to direct your promotional materials.  Look at your target audience’s budget and how the pandemic has affected their purchasing power and spending habits.  Just as importantly, study your competition.  What can you provide to your target audience that your competitors cannot provide?

Choose Your Closest Associates Carefully

Another area where you cannot afford to make hasty decisions is in choosing the people who will be your closest associates in making business decisions.  These can include business partners and the employees you hire when the company is just starting out.  Just as you should not concentrate too much on appearances (that is, brand identity) at the expense of focusing on the services you provide, likewise beware of letting appearances deceive you when choosing your inner circle of business associates.  Don’t base your decisions purely on glittering resumes and recommendation letters full of superlatives.  Get to know how your employees make decisions and deal with challenges early on.

Consult a Lawyer Before You Sign Legally Binding Documents

You can save a lot of time, money, and stress if you talk things over with a small business attorney before signing or filing any documents that will determine how your company will operate for years to come.  Which entity type box you check on your application for an employer identification number (EIN) can make or break your business, for example.  The same goes for partnership agreements and employment contracts.  Freebie printable versions of important documents like business partnership agreements are almost always a recipe for dysfunction.

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Business is about more than just dreaming big and standing out from the crowd.  An Alabama business & corporate litigation attorney can help you understand the legal rights and obligations that go into operating a successful business.  Contact Cloud Willis & Ellis for help today.