Would you terminate a tenant’s lease during a holiday season? If a tenant in a building you own violates the terms of their lease, you are well within your rights to terminate the lease and begin the eviction process, no matter what time of year it is.  In fact, some types of lease agreement violations are even more common during the holiday season than at other times of the year.  If your tenant’s holiday festivities are in violation of your lease agreement, contact an Alabama eviction lawyer.

Ways That Tenants Break the Rules in the Holiday Season

These are some ways in which tenants’ holiday celebrations can run afoul of the rules you as the landlord set out in your rental agreement.

  • Prohibited Holiday Decorations- You, the landlord, get to make the rules about what kinds of holiday decorations you will allow tenants to display in the interior or exterior of their rental units or in the hallways of your building. Just be sure to be specific about the rules in your lease agreements, and distribute fliers in November, before most tenants start decorating for Christmas.  Only a true grinch would say no to wreaths on the doors of apartment units, but if you don’t want them in your building, you may say so in your rental agreement.  You might choose to ban certain types of decorations because of safety hazards, or you might choose to ban others, such as live Christmas trees, just because they make a mess.
  • Long-Term Guests– Your rental agreement should specify how many days guests are allowed to stay with tenants in their rental units. People are even more likely to host guests during the holidays, and if they overstay the permitted visit length, you should warn the tenant that you will terminate the lease unless the guests leave.  If the guests do not leave after the warning, you have every right to terminate the lease.
  • Wild Parties– Lots of people have late-night parties on New Year’s Eve, and it would be excessive to terminate your tenant’s lease just because they keep the music playing past midnight on a single occasion. If guests bring illegal drugs to the party, however, you can adopt a zero-tolerance policy.  Breaking federal or state laws in a rented unit is sufficient to terminate the lease agreement.

Unless your tenants are breaking the law, you should take a gentle approach and communicate with the tenants directly.  You should keep a copy of all communications in case you need to terminate the lease.  You should also work with an eviction lawyer starting at the first sign of trouble.

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The terms of your lease agreement still apply, even during a holiday season.  Contact the Alabama eviction lawyers at Cloud Willis & Ellis for a consultation about how to evict tenants who violate the terms of their lease.