Creating a last will and testament is something that you may not think you need to do, but it can be one of the most important documents you draft in your entire life. Its effects will usually not impact you, but it will likely impact your survivors for generations to come. Besides making it easier on your survivors to not have to guess about who should get which of your belongings, it also ensures that these decisions are not left up to the state. After all, who knows better what you would want to have happen to your car, house, and keepsakes than you? Certainly not the courts –  but if you should die without a will, that is who will make those decisions about distribution of your estate, and neither you nor any of your survivors will likely have any say in the matter.

What Is Required In Alabama?

There are very few restrictions placed on who is able to create a will in the state of Alabama. As long as you are at least eighteen years old, and you are of sound mind – meaning that you have not previously been declared incompetent by the courts – you can make a will. It must be in writing, and its signing must be witnessed by two people; the witnesses must also be competent. Though generally it is best if the witnesses have no interest in your will to prevent any possibility of issues arising at some later point about potential conflicts of interest, your beneficiary may lawfully act as a witness. The full set of requirements for making a will in Alabama are set forth in Alabama law.

What Can Be Included In My Will?

It is your will, so generally anything you want to put in it can be included.  Most people know that they can use their will to designate who will receive specific assets, but it can also be used to make gifts or name guardians for your minor children. You can name a person – an executor/executrix – to administer your will after you are gone; furthermore, your executor/executrix does not need to reside in Alabama in order for them to be named.

Need To Create A Will? Contact Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC

If you are ready to create your will, you will likely have a lot of questions. While this brief overview may be helpful as a starting point, it is likely that you will have more questions than you realized. At the office of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC, we are here to help by answering all of your questions as you create this most important document. Our Birmingham and Mobile estate planning attorneys can help you make decisions about what types of guidance you want to include in your will for those who will settle your final matters. No matter how simple or complex your estate planning needs, you will feel confident of your decisions. Contact the office of Cloud Willis & Ellis, LLC to take care of these important matters today.